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Andaman Discoveries is an award-winning social enterprise enabling visitors and volunteers to directly support village-led education, conservation, and cultural empowerment in Southern Thailand.

Why Andaman Discoveries

Responsible travel is about minimizing the negative impact of your travel and directly giving back to the communities you visit. It is about understanding the story behind the price you are paying, and knowing the local people who are working hard to make your holiday an enjoyable one. At Andaman Discoveries, we strive to help you do just that with our award-winning programs and customer service.

Giving Back

Genuine responsible tourism operators have a duty to the communities they serve. This requires understanding local priorities and sense of place, and then using this information to develop an appropriate program. It doesn’t happen overnight. All too often tour operators — even ones with good intentions — raise hopes and artificially inflate local economies without understanding the consequences of their actions. The results can be disastrous, and there are numerous examples of villages that have suffered from loss of traditional livelihoods and money-driven conflict.

That’s why Andaman Discoveries is committed to supporting consistent progress in an imperfect world. Often this means working with opposing viewpoints, even within a community. Communities do not always speak with one voice, and by maintaining balanced relationships, we are able to work with all parties. The mutual respect we have earned with our community partners is a testament to the effectiveness of our long-term projects and inclusive viewpoint.

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Tours overview

Andaman Discoveries makes use of our extensive network of local communities and partners to offer a wide variety of unique experiences. Our programs benefit both the guest and the host – providing genuine benefit to local people and fascinating insights into a unique way of life.  From Reefs to rainforests and from beach escapes to cultural exchanges find out why traveling responsibly is the secret to an unforgettable Thailand experience.

Study Tour Service & Group Tours

For schools and special focus groups, we can create a trip to meet your learning outcomes and interests. Community connection and study and service tours.

Regional Tours – Thailand

Andaman Discoveries showcases the best community based and sustainable tours offered throughout Thailand. We collaborate with our country partners who share the same ethical tourism based principles, reaching out to communities to create meaningful experiences for guests. These tours allow guests to see each each region of Thailand- North, Central and South, each with its own unique environmental landscape and local community culture.

Village Tours

Stay with a local family in an overnight homestay, engage in activities focused on traditional livelihoods and see the real Thailand.

Island Tours

Visit and snorkel with the original inhabitants of Surin, the Moken, to learn why this community of traditional seafaring nomads is special!

Region Overview

Natural Beauty & Wildlife

Much of the mountainous and coastal zones have been designated as protected areas, in recognition of their unique importance to Thailand’s natural heritage. Two of the oldest and richest ecosystems on our planet — coral reefs and Southeast Asian rainforest, which date back 160 million years — still survive here almost side by side.

North Andaman Region of Thailand

Located in Southern Thailand, the North Andaman coast is an extraordinary region of ecological and cultural interest. It is remarkably undeveloped and many communities still survive by their traditional livelihoods.

This undiscovered part of Thailand will captivate visitors who wish to learn about traditional ways of life and who want to contribute to the conservation of this outstanding natural environment. Trips are ideal for those wanting to escape over-developed touristy places, avoid other tourists and get off the usual tourist track to try something new.

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The Region is home to abundant wildlife, and nowhere in Thailand is there a larger protected area for wildlife. From elephants, tigers, hornbills, and gibbons, to leopards, lizards, and bears – you can see them all in their natural habitats surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Climate & Geography:

The North Andaman region has two seasons; the dry season (November to April) and the green season (May to October). Temperatures remain around 30°C throughout the year, reaching up to 35°C around the months of March and April, Thailand’s hottest months. The southwest monsoon brings precipitation from May to October, but it’s always a good time to visit, so don’t let the odd rain shower put you off. Some consider the warm showers refreshing!

The combination of mangrove swamps, coral reefs, limestone karsts, beaches, and evergreen tropical forest provide habitats for an amazing array of wildlife. This rich blend creates a fascinating environment for exploration that is as contrasting as it is captivating.

Village Life

The Muslim, Buddhist, and Moken Sea Nomad communities that live alongside each other here exude a warmth and generosity of spirit that is rare to find nowadays. Most villages along the coastal belt are predominantly fishing communities that earn their living from small-scale fishing and farming.

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