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A team of real experts and travelers with a passion for Thailand for over 25 years in the tourism business, Go Thailand Tours Co.,Ltd., has representatives in all major destinations in the country and represent some of the most esteemed travel agencies in Europe and other parts of the world.

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What we can offer

An extensive list of tour programs and hotels all over Thailand; An experienced team to assist and accommodate your travel needs the best we can; A one-stop-service for easy travel arrangements. Trusted partner agencies in Southeast Asian countries; and The best holiday experience of a lifetime.


KANCHANABURI: take a trip back into the younger history of Thailand and visit the notorious “Bridge on the River Kwai” and take a ride on the “Death Railway”, that was built in WW2 under Japanese occupation and cost the lives of thousands of prisoners of war. On top of all that, there is the River Kwai Valley, several national parks, with beautiful waterfalls and vast areas of jungle for trekking. Best time to travel: all year round.

SUKHOTHAI and AYUTTHAYA: If you are into the history of “Old Siam”, you can not afford to miss these cities. Impressive sites, which are all part of the UNESCO World Heritage and will stun you with a mass of temple- ruins and photo opportunities. Best time to travel: all year round.

BANGKOK: Bustling Bangkok is surely one of the hot spot cities all over Asia. This mega city is rich in diversity and history, magnificent golden temple and stupa, shopping centers, famous for a notorious nightlife and the delicious Thai cuisine. If Frank Sinatra sings “New York never sleeps”, Bangkok doesn’t even take a nap and has all what it takes. Best time to travel: all year round.

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THE GULF OF THAILAND: this is usually the name for a whole region of very different seaside resorts. Pattaya and the never ending party, the quieter version in Jomtien, the fairly undiscovered area around Rayong and the small island- pearl of Samed to the East. The rather quiet and family- friendly destinations of Cha Am, Hua Hin and Pranburi with some excellent national parks, to the South. This destination caters to very different audiences. Best time to travel: though the mainland resorts are marketed as “all year round”- destinations, the weather is slightly better from October to April.

PHUKET & KOH PHI PHI: Phuket is basically the most popular and the “all-in-one”- destination. Thailand’ s biggest island offers everything, from breathtaking nature over party and shopping to some of the best beaches in Thailand. Nearby Phi Phi Island is still very popular for day trips, but also becoming a full grown holiday destination on it’s own. Both islands can be perfectly combined and are a popular spot for divers and other water sport- enthusiasts. Best time to travel: end of October to April. Phuket, with it’s perfect infrastructure, is being discovered as a destination for all year round, more and more.

CHIANG RAI & CHIANG MAI: the sister- cities in the North are most famous for the beautiful surrounding nature, the many temples and the ethnic minorities, who have managed to keep many of their traditions and add enormously to the culture of Thailand. Best time to travel: all year round.

ISAN: the northeastern region of Thailand is not yet (touristic) fully discovered, although the saying is “You have not been to Thailand, if you have not been to Isan”. Given that there are fewer important sights to see compare to other popular destinations but Isan makes up for that with a special type of cuisine, a beautiful, seasonally changing scenery and some of the most genuine people in the country. If you give Isan a chance, it sure will win your heart. Best time to travel: all year round.

KOH CHANG: Thailand’s second biggest island is kind of a “sleeping beauty”. Although the infrastructure is well developed and some of the beaches are really nice, the nature is stunning and although Koh Chang has it’s own airport to provide guests with a rather short journey from Bangkok, the island never made it “big time”. Families, couples and nature lovers should find ideal possibilities on the jungle- covered island. Best time to travel: November to end of March. The rest of the year often sees torrential rain and strong winds.

KOH SAMUI, KOH PHANGAN & KOH TAO: Three names and three very different destinations. Samui – Thailand’s 3rd biggest island- is fully developed and offers everything from entertainment and shopping to quiet beaches and luxury accommodation. Koh Phangan is famous for the Full Moon Parties and has some stunning nature on display, especially in the rather undeveloped inner parts. Koh Tao is an Eldorado for divers, with most likely the best dive spots on Thailand’s east coast. You could even go island hopping and spend your holiday in altogether different places. Best time to travel: from February to October. Especially November and December often see heavy rain and strong winds.

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Why choose us

From the green hills of the North to the brusque beauty of the Isan, from buzzing Bangkok to the islands of the South, Thailand has a lot to offer for almost any kind of holiday dreams. We offer a service of personalized travel planning to make your dreams and wishes come true. Let us be your host and trust us with the planning of your dream holidays in the Land of Smile.


Cultural Thailand

Thailand has a rich and versatile culture : Take a journey back into the “Old Siam” and travel with us to many historical landmarks of this amazing country. The Land of Smiles is rich in history and Buddhist culture, inspiring Golden Temples and Stupas and buildings both ancient and modern.Thailand is also home to a variety of ethnic minorities in the North, such as the Karen or Ahka, Lisu or Yao.  These people have managed to withstand some of the temptations of a growing, technically advancing environment and kept some of their traditions and customs and they will gladly share them with the visitors.

Active Thailand

If you want to do something more in your holiday, than just lay back, relax and recharge your batteries or if you are the more active type anyways,there is plenty to see and do for you in Thailand.
– How about becoming a dive- master? or adding some excellent dive- spots to your vita?
– How about taking a cycling- trip through a beautiful countryside-scenery or even in busy Bangkok?
– How about trekking in one of the many national parks? or some rock- climbing, game fishing or rushing through the jungle- canopy ?
– How about attending a cooking- class and surprise your friends at home with original Thai- dishes?
And we don’t know, just what you might do with some lessons in Muay Thai (Thai- boxing), but it sure is fun, a good exercise and a much more valuable souvenir than a t-shirt! But if all that is still not exciting or individual enough: How about renting your own car?

You tell us how much time you have, what you want to see and where you want to end up and we work out a sensible plan, with suggestions where to stop and what to see.You just pick up the car…and off you go! 

Natural Thailand

From the jungle- covered hills of the North to the coral reefs of the southern islands, from vast national parks to the cliffs of Krabi, from the wonders of Phang Nga Bay to science -driven Royal Projects- Thailand is an Eldorado for nature lovers. It often starts with a sunset on a beautiful beach, leads to a hike through the jungle and it just keeps going from there. The possibilities of exploring, admiring and experiencing nature in Thailand, are seemingly never ending. You can sit back and just enjoy, on a sailing trip or stay in a tented resort in the middle of the jungle, where Mother Nature personally takes care of evening- entertainment.

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