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Wicked Diving is not your ordinary dive center. We fiercely believe in making a positive impact each day…from the ecologically friendly products used on our boats & shops to the community based training programs we undertake. We were the first dive center in both Thailand and Indonesia to have a responsible tourism policy and we continue to pioneer socially responsible action in the tourism industry.

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An Overview

Founded in 2006 by two dive instructors with 4 sets of equipment – we now have locations in Thailand and Indonesia and our boats sail through the Similan & Surin Islands in Thailand and Komodo National Park in Indonesia. We also spend part of every year exploring new locations and doing expeditions – this year undertaking an Amazing 2000km journey from Raja Ampat to Komodo

We don’t do special “beach clean-up days”. Every day is a beach clean-up for us. We always maintain a “no impact” dive ethic, preserving our dive sites for all future scuba divers. You will never see gloves on our divers, fish-feeding is also discouraged and we even have safety equipment of European Standards. Our goal is to work within our local communities to create a stewardship of the seas. Wicked diving is the first Sea Shepherd Dive center in Thailand and Indonesia. Finally – we are not into the “macho” diving thing – we like fish and would rather spend a longer time underwater than go deeper. This is about your experience!

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We are so grateful to all of you who choose us for your adventures! It allows us to visit some of the most beautiful places in Asia! From our original location in Khao Lak, Thailand we started by offering tours the Similan and Surin Islands as well as Richelieu Rock. Soon we added the ethereal Khao Sok lake to our dive plans. The wanderlust got to us. Wicked Diving opened our second location in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia. From there we dive Komodo National Park on a daily basis but also set out on our expeditions.

We also offer liveaboard tours inside the world famous Raja Ampat park! All this is overseen from our Operations center – Wicked Diving Bali. In addition our expeditions travel throughout remote Indonesia much of the year. Each location is small and focused on making a positive impact on the local communities through our Ethical Diving program.

Komodo Dive Center

Komodo Dragons, just the idea of seeing the largest living lizards can instill a sense of awe in most of us. However, thinking of Komodo National park as nothing more than the dragons vastly underestimates the beauty of the region. Featuring some of the most exotic and diverse marine environments on earth as well as thrilling dive sites – Komodo Diving is unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. Manta Rays drift by while we stare at pygmy seahorses. Sharks and Dolphins predate on the vast schools of fish that thrive in these rich waters where the Pacific and Indian oceans meet. Or step in for a drift dive faster than any you’ve ever experienced!

Similan Islands

The Similan Islands, located of the West coast of Thailand are home to some amazing beaches, great snorkeling and the most famous dive spots in Thailand. Thus, the Similan Islands diving liveaboard trips we offer are a treat to all levels of divers and marine life enthusiasts. Marine life is the densest and healthiest in the entire kingdom while the islands themselves remain uninhabited – preserved for visitors only. The underwater scenery ranges from the gentle sloping reefs of the eastern facing dive sites to the dramatic and wild boulder sites of the west. Passing pelagics like Manta Rays and Whale Sharks make visits throughout the year and hundreds of species of reef fish can be found each day (on each dive?!). The scenery above the water makes these islands just as deserving of a visit – with some of the most amazing sunsets and sunrises you will ever experience.

Update: Our 2014-15 season was the best Similan Diving season in more than a decade with frequent Whale shark and Manta Ray encounters! We collected a huge amount of data for the Shark Guardians about populations, counts and sightings – and we hope you help us in the upcoming season too! The Similan National Park is closed to all visitors from May 15th to October 15th of each year. Be aware that any tour operator of dive shop offering tours outside of these dates are violating the law, paying bribes to park rangers and do so with no regard for your life – no emergency services are offered during these dates!

Surin Islands Overnight Snorkeling

Our Overnight Surin Snorkeling tours are incredible 3 day/2 night visit to the Surin Islands Marine Park. Although the Similan Islands are more famous for diving, the Surin Islands offer some of the most beautiful beaches you can find in Thailand, interesting snorkeling and a real adventure. The Surin Islands are home to the Moken people, also known as “Sea Gypsies” who have lived nomadically for thousands of years There are also much fewer visitors to the Surin Islands making a more serene experience.

  • Fewer Tourists
  • Vibrant Reefs
  • Private Longtail
  • Private Guide
  • Only groups of 6 or less
  • Unique Visit to Moken People

The Surin Islands are part of a national marine park and consist of 5 islands with the North and South Surin Islands being the biggest two. On one of the islands, there are still sea gypsies living a traditional lifestyle in stilt houses! There are no roads, no hotels, no bars and certainly no tourist traps. The campsite, restaurant and park headquarters are owned and operated by the Thai government and are in a stunning secluded bay with clear shallow water. The Moken village is in a nearby bay.

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  • Learn To Dive
  • Advanced Dive Training
  • Professional Level Training
  • Thailand Divemaster Course

Diving Expedition

The Great Crossing – 3 Week Expedition

After running these long trips, gaining unique and extensive experience operating trips like this…we saw that needed to change our plans! The crew who ran these expeditions – together with management have started a new venture that specializes only in expeditions!

Wicked Adventures offers an amazing series of expeditions around SE Asia. These are not just diving…they offer Orangutan conservation, cultural tours, sea kayaking, canyoning, surfing and more. In addition, they are undertaking specialized itineraries for universities to conduct detailed research on volcanoes, shark populations as well as botany.

Wicked Adventures IS running an expedition from Raja Ampat to Komodo through 2018.

In addition, they are running extensive training programs in the local community, with interns on all trips.

Wicked Diving wholeheartedly recommends these tours and supports all that they do. If you are seeking the very best in adventure travel…Wicked Adventures is the key.

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