The 11 best coffee shops in Bangkok


Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or simply need to get your daily fix of caffeine, here are the 11 best coffee shops in Bangkok.

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Rocket Coffeebar

Visitors of the city of Bangkok may need a burst of energy (or two) to take on the immense city. That is where Rocket Coffeebar comes in. The café is still relatively new, having only opened in June 2013. It has already taken Bangkok’s caffeine scene by storm, and it is also serving up some delicious breakfast, brunch, and even vegetarian cuisine. That, and of course its first class coffee. Visitors of this coffee shop really can not go wrong with any of its caffeinated beverages, from Rocket Coffeebar’s double ristretto with silky steamed milk to its artistically decorated latte. In addition to its coffee, there are a number of bakery and brunch options, with everything from Swedish meatballs to berry-ridden waffles on its extensive and scrumptious menu. Be sure to check out any one of its many locations in the city.

Roots Coffee Roaster

A quality cup of coffee begins at the farm, and no one knows that better than Roots Coffee Roaster. Passionate and skillful baristas are ready to brew up some of the most noteworthy cups of joe in the city at this specialty roasted coffee shop. The coffee beans at Roots Coffee Roaster have been sourced from around the world, but their dream is to someday put Thai coffee on the map. Be sure to visit them at their location in The Commons, the trendy, outdoor mall off the BTS Skytrain Staton Thonglor.

Arom Dii Coffee via Bangkok wifi cafe

OH Cafe’

This humble café off the BTS Skytrain Station Ari will capture the hearts of coffee lovers as soon as they slip through the narrow entryway. OH Cafe’ is tiny, and it can only hold a few groups of people before the place is inevitably packed. Those who get here early may be lucky enough to get a seat at one of the comfortable benches found along the entirety of one wall. In addition to being cozy, the coffee being served up at OH Cafe’ is both unique and delicious, with creative brews coming all the way from Laos. Don’t forget to try one of their bakery treats, which are cooked up near the entryway and make the entire café smell heavenly.

Gallery Drip Coffee

Relatively new to the City of Angel’s coffee scene is Gallery Drip Coffee. The café just launched in 2012, though it is already favorited amongst coffee drinkers in Bangkok. The art and coffee shop duo was created by two photographers, Piyachat Trithaworn and Natthiti Ampriwan. They take their drip brew method very seriously, using only single-origin beans to create their delicious menu. Gallery Drip Coffee is one of a handful of eateries located inside of the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre, and it is the perfect spot to chill out and refuel after exploring the art-filled attraction. The café itself is relatively small, but it is bursting with character in the small space that it does occupy. Its modern décor includes quaint, wooden seating and shelving chock full of coffee paraphilia. Visitors of Gallery Drip Coffee might even be lucky enough to get a seat at this café, as it is a pretty popular (and busy) spot in town.

Old Town Café\ Bangkok

Old Town Café Bangkok, as suggested byy its name, is located in the Old City of Bangkok. Its small interior is quaint and picturesque, made up of rustic red bricks, one too many hanging clocks, and an overall vintage vibe. This coffee shop has remained popular amongst tourists because of its prime location. Situated within walking distance of both the historic Wat Pho, otherwise known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, and the sparkling Grand Palace, this is the perfect café for tourists to spend the afternoon in order to refuel after taking on the top attractions the capital has to offer.


Exposed bulbs hanging from metal chains, a brick bar, wicker outdoor seating: this coffee shop really knows how to create an atmosphere. The décor is noteworthy, but what really sets Iamcoffee apart is its delicious cups of joe. Coffee starts at ฿70, which is pretty cheap considering the love and care the baristas put into creating each cup. This coffee shop also serves up some pretty noteworthy snacks, including raisin and chocolate chip scones for only ฿55.

Arom Dii Coffee

Who would have thought that one of the best coffee shops could be found along the notorious Khao San Road? While most tourists head to this area in hopes of downing some of the most toxic alcohol-ridden buckets in town, this is also where visitors will find Arom Dii Coffee. This is where coffee connoisseurs can head in hopes of tasting the perfect cup of joe in addition to enjoying some great people watching. With its motto, “you can sleep when you’re dead,” this coffee is sure to jolt even the most jet-lagged of travelers. Consisting of homely décor, Arom Dii Coffee instead focuses its attention on its coffee, which starts at only ฿50.

Ink & Lion Café via KINTO


Coffee shops do not get much trendier than Roast, which is located off the BTS Skytrain Station Thonglor. It’s sister company, Roots Coffee Roaster, just happens to be a few floors down. This neighborhood continues to be a top contender for both the most expensive, yet coolest place to eat, drink, and chill, and Roast is no exception. Visitors will find this coffee shop on the third floor of The Commons, an open-air mall chock full of unique and delicious finds. What makes Roast stand out from the crowd? For one, it dishes out some pretty mouthwatering cuisine from all over the world, including French, Italian, and American. It even serves up all-day breakfast. The décor certainly adds to the atmosphere, with Instagram-worthy lighting when paired with a coffee or dish. It is one of the largest coffee shops in town, so grab a friend or two and head to this delicious eatery and coffee shop. Roast can also be found at EmQuartier, a luxurious shopping mall found off the BTS Skytrain Station Phrom Phong.

Casa Lapin

With more than a handful of locations found around the city (eight to be exact), it is no wonder Casa Lapin is a top contender for brewing up some of the best coffee in the capital. This coffee shop’s sleek décor is both intimate and inviting, with red brick interiors and comfortable seating throughout. Each of the café’s designs differs slightly, but one thing remains constant: Casa Lapin’s delicious coffee. Drinks start at only ฿70, with a single shot, a double shot, iced drinks, and frappes available for their espresso-based coffees. In addition to great coffee, Casa Lapin’s menu is filled with some interesting Asian fusion dishes in addition to mouthwatering sweets, like their delicious raspberry cheesecake (฿130).

Ceresia Coffee Roasters

Ceresia Coffee Roasters takes each cup of coffee they make very seriously. Many of their products are sourced or handpicked in Thailand, however, customers will find that this specialty coffee roaster has brews made with ingredients from a handful of different continents, including Asia, South America, and Central America. In order to maintain these flavors, Ceresia Coffee Roasters only roasts in small batches. One of the most unique aspects about Ceresia Coffee Roasters is that customers are able to learn what techniques and processes go into the making of their incredible coffee and actually take these skills home with them. The Ceresia Coffee Experience shows participants everything from which beans to brew to how to brew coffee using the filter method. Both of the shop’s locations are located just a short walk from the BTS Skytrain.

Ink & Lion Café

Art and coffee lovers can come together as one at Ink & Lion Café. The café is tucked off the busy Ekkamai Road, and visitors of the area just might miss spotting this quaint café if they are not careful. The contemporary café is decked out in wooden furniture, coffee paraphernalia, and different pieces of art on its white brick walls. Unlike some cafes in the city, customers will not be listening to bad cover bands or the usual coffee shop tunes. Building on its retro atmosphere, the baristas play some pretty cool, slow electronic music, making it the perfect place to hang out or get some work done. Be sure to try one of Ink & Lion Café’s hand-brews or opt for something a bit more original like the artistically decorated latte.

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